Wrenz United
Rony Philip - Vocals
Baiju Dharmajan - Guitars
Biju James - Bass
Nirmal Antony - Drums

The year 2010 is perhaps the most important period in the lives of four young veterans in the Indian rock music industry when they decided to stick and move together forming a long awaited musical faction. Wrenz United was born clearing all skies, generating high hopes and creating a new form of music labelled as International Indian Rock. Rony Philip’s captivating and soaring vocals along with Baiju Dharmajan – the God of small strings’ arena ready riffs backed by the busty bass lines of Biju James in combination with the traditional and astounding beats from Nirmal Antony makes the debut EP “By the Moonlight’ the newest and fresh sound in the rock music world.

The year 2011 is welcoming the arrival of Wrenz United with a never expected vigor to reclaim its ever dominant position in the music circuit. The new EP titled ‘By the Moonlight’ features the distinctive sound that evolves from a combination of new age rock music layered with the traditional sounds of Kerala. With standout tracks like ‘By the Moonlight’, ‘Gods own Country’ and ‘King and Pawn’, Wrenz United is here to make their presence felt deep in to the rock music arena.

WRENZ – Yesterday
The idea of creating a band first took shape in the minds of few young boys who were members of the various college bands in the late eighties. The desire to create a difference and the call within of those like-minded friends was making their dream a reality to be named as Wrenz. Formed in 1989, Wrenz rose to prominence after its many and spectacular performances across the country gaining huge following and popularity as the years rolled by. On releasing the debut EP –‘Fireflies’ in the year 1993 Wrenz, gained command and importance in the country’s western music circuit announcing the arrival of the original sound which used to be a rarity. The year 1995 saw the birth of yet another record breaking conduit which came as the second venture ‘Promised Land’, a milestone catapulting the band into greater heights. Late in the nineties, members of the band decided to pursue different musical directions only to return more forcefully sometime in the future.

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